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Why "Nutrition" i chose as my career?

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Deciding on a nutrition graduate program has been an exciting yet overwhelming experience. Nutrition is a complex multidisciplinary field that brings together the biological sciences, economics, politics, human behavior, and environmental science. I chose to pursue a graduate degree in Nutrition because my food and nutrition professor, Mrs. Vanisha Nambiar, inspired me. She inspired me a lot, I was very weak in science subjects, but the way she teaches us motivated me and inspire me to get admission in Foods and Nutrition. I always wanted to work in a challenging, meaningful field and something from others.

When I become a dietitian, I got to know the how beautiful connection of foods with our human body, this field gives me much knowledge about Nutrition and health, and how to manage my body when the time is growing. So, I know how needy the right Nutrition and health knowledge for a healthy and happy life. Public health nutrition is one of the mediums to acknowledge people about the right foods choice and methods to follow for a healthy being and family and healthy life.

It motivates me to counsel people about its importance in life. And this dietetics field gives me confidence, independence, and the right to live a happy life and spread this knowledge to people. I recovered my severe depression phase with the help of the right choice of foods

And now, I am motivating people about brain and food relations. The journey from a dietetics student to an entrepreneur is phenomenal; I found my strength and identity.

This field gives me a healthy lifestyle, and the confidence to live with simplicity, and I was attracted to our INDIAN traditional foods after started practicing Clinical Nutrition. Our traditional foods have a significant approach related to the betterment of the human fit body.

Life in Nutrition makes you familiar with what you eat, and you are giving the right foods to your family members too. The living way of simplicity with the right choice of foods that help you to be happy, fit, and spontaneous, I found, is Nutrition only.

Thus, with the emergence of technology and modern lifestyle, people are attracted to frozen foods and packaged foods but are not aware of the toxins they are coming from every day. They have scientifically proven that mental health issues are directly related to unhealthy lifestyles—the most chronic disease main ways by improper foods routine only. As a nutritionist, I have the chance to acknowledge people about the right foods and the opportunity to continue promoting the importance of our traditional food to our new generation.

Thuswise, In modern times, "InStyle nutrition with a pearl of ancient wisdom." I follow, and we advise our clients with this approach only.

And this is my journey to become a nutritionist ………….!!

Everyone needs one inspiration to give them confidence and the right path to start their journey, and my professor's guidance motivates me to choose this nutrition world.

I recommended to follow your inspiration and building your life on your own.

Start to choose a path that gives you a happy, confident and self-satisfying life.

Your Nutritionist,

Kuntal Patel

Founder of Samskara -Nutrition Counselling.

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