Founder of "Samsara-Nutrition Counselling"

"Instyle nutrition with a pearl of ancient wisdom."

          Nutritionist /dietitian, done a Bachelor's and Master's in Food and Nutrition and having Four years of experience in pediatric Nutrition, Prenatal and postnatal nutrition and weight management. I am certified, vegan Nutritionist too. Member of "Sahayata-Nutrition, Health, Education and Research Foundation".Nutrition and health knowledge is essential in humans' proper wellbeing, and if, as a nutritionist, if i can contribute share knowledge and experiences to help people, that's my most significant opportunity. 

            Clientele info -Worked with Government institutions as well as Corporate firms with VLCC. For more information please visit -Nutritionist profile page.

           From India, I finished my education and work for four years as a Nutritionist /Dietitian, for further studies came to Canada, to do the Master of Business Administration. Business studies give me more confidence to continue my private practice in the field of nutrition and health.                 


                 Always advise my patients to prefer natural foods and healthy methods to solve your health problems. Indian tradition and its Sankar's are respectable. "Samsakara" is the combination of Indian culture and modern touch. 


              "Samskara" -is the Sanskrit word derived from ancient literature. Meaning of samsara - the act to make an individual perfect. As per the current scenario and increasing the ratio of nutritional diseases likes Diabetes, cancer, PCOD, and many other dietary disorders. Thus, The future of nutrition is an ancient wisdom of food—the concept of 'Samskara" in Nutrition with Ayurveda and yoga.


   The traditional approach brings you to simplicity. personally following mediation and spirituality for mental peace. Doing "Param Yoga" and"Param Swash ", the meditation techniques.   (Deep Breathing Techniques)                   

My theme of counselling is -

"Instyle nutrition with a pearl of ancient wisdom."

                                                                             -    Kuntal Patel 

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