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Positive self (Body) image is health, not size or weight.

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Last month I checked my weight in the Gym, I gain 56 to 61 kg weight(pictures, Weight 56 kg - In saree

And Weight 61 kg - In formally), but it doesn't matter my approach towards my body image. And here is the reason……

I see myself with a positive self-image in body shape and skin tone. It just about not hating your body, that you are not super attractive, zero-zero figure shape, and fair skin tone.

Many of my known worry about their weight gain and they sometimes compared themself with there who has slim body and fair skin tone. And mostly, the new generation is so obsessed with social media nowadays. I would say they all live in reel life then real-life values. That is why mental health issues, anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression are major issues and are the most common.

So thought let's share my perception of Positive self-image.

well, In reality, it's just a matter to accept your body. This is the body I have been blessed with; make your own body the best version of itself, whatever that is. It is a version of my body, body size, hair, and Indian skin tone; it is my identity. And I love it the way I am. "Accepting one's body is the key to happiness."

The vital thing to focus on for a positive body image is health, not size or weight. So instead of setting goals for weight and size, set goals for health, nutrition, and exercise.

What I believe in and always influence my clients to do. However, it would help if you changed your lifestyle to a healthier version instead of the target to lose weight.

Here are some points to spread awareness:

1. Make the phrases "I feel fat," "She looks so much better than me," and "I hate the way look" ones that you will never say again. Replace negative phrases with positive ones. Focus on your good qualities and traits.

2. Appreciate your body. Think about all the things you can do, thanks to your body. Celebrate your body and take good care of it nutritionally!

3. Realize that everyone is of a different shape and size. This is what makes you YOU. Your body is a gift given to you, and you should take care of it no matter its size.

4. Don't engage in extreme behaviors. You don't need to be a keto diet low-calorie food person to be healthy. Your Indian traditional food lifestyle is OK!

5. Compliment others on their successes. When you quit being so self-absorbed and notice what's excellent about others, you begin to worry less about yourself. Look outside yourself and see more than others' appearances.

6. Engage in hobbies and activities that you love. Do them often. This gets your mind on what actually matters instead of focusing on what you look like and compare to what others look like or maybe even what you used to look like.

7. Be active! It will make you feel better about your body. Don't exercise to lose weight — exercise to feel healthy. In doing this, you will feel better about yourself, have a positive self-image, and increase your self-confidence.

Let's clear some things up.

Number one, you can be happy at any size (just like you can be unhappy at any size).

Number two, you don't need to be a specific size to be healthy.

Number three, your weight isn't even a great indicator of what size you are.

But when people gain weight because they have gained fat, that's OK, too. Smaller does not equal healthier.

The truth is, 47% of people with BMIs that are considered overweight are healthy, while over 30% of people with "normal" BMIs aren't healthy, according to a study in the International Journal of Obesity. Plus, even if you're not healthy in every way, you can still be beautiful and happy, and you certainly don't deserve to be shamed.

Benefits, to accept yourself as you are, increase your confidence level, heal your anxiety, focus on a healthy lifestyle and mindful eating rather than restricting yourself. Find a way to live healthier from both approaches, physically and mentally. Not by weight loss, whitening skin treatments, and the keto diet.

Remember, Accept yourself as you are, your version; self-love matters a lot for a healthy mindset. And eat mindfully.

Lastly, trust me that you will be the happiest and most positive person on this earth. It would be best if you accepted yourself as you are.

Another person's beauty is not the absence of your own -Alura Cein.

But still, Do not forget Nutrition is the most essential.

-Kuntal Patel

Your Dietitian

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