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"Sheer Khurma" traditional tonic............!!

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Celebration of the breaking of the fasting" is a significant strict occasion celebrated by Muslims worldwide that denotes the finish of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (sawm).

As we know, The Indian culture is often labeled as an amalgamation of several various cultures. EID-AL-FITR is one of the traditional festivals for Muslims. And with Eid around the corner, every kitchen has a smell of the essence brought out by sheer khurma.

Sheer khurma symbolizes traditional food, it is delicious and worth taking the effort to enjoy it. It is made up mainly of vermicelli, milk, and dates.

Vermicelli is fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low in sodium but high-energy-dense food.

Milk is the best way to nourish your health. Let us discuss the nutrients present in milk; Calcium helps you to build healthy bones and teeth. And it maintains bone mass. Protein is the best source of energy; it repairs muscle tissue, whereas potassium helps the person to maintain healthy blood pressure. The other side, phosphorus, strengthen bones and generates energy. Vitamin D maintains bones. Vitamin B12 is maintaining healthy red blood cells and nerve tissue. Vitamin A is managing the immune system; helps maintain healthy vision and skin. More on riboflavin (B2) Converts food into energy. And Niacin Metabolizes sugars and fatty acids. But need to drink in a required amount of the human body. (As per one individual balance chart requirement)

Dates are one of the oldest and hardest-working fruits in human existence. They are a great source of energy, sugar, and fiber. They are also a good source of vital and crucial minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, sodium potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Together, these nutritional elements help to alleviate constipation, strengthen bones, treat anemia, and treat intestinal disorders. They can cure allergies, boost energy, and promote heart health. They also can improve libido.

And ghee using for cooking it well and some more nuts and instead of sugar can use jaggery or honey. As we see, it is a full source of energy-dense, carbohydrate-rich, and antioxidant-rich traditional dessert. we can make it healthy for diabetes and cholesterol diseases having people, by making it without sugar .dates enhance the sweetness of this mouth-warming recipe. Moreover, if you don't want to sugar, you can use natural sweetener substances, such as honey or jaggery. And enjoy the festive season without any health concerns fully.

People who are doing Ramdan, break their fast almost after 29-30 days, and they all are having energy-dense food after praying to Allah.

Purpose of this article is to acknowledge you all about how beautifully they plan for a festival and food style during festival time, the traditional approach.

Earlier, there was no software for calorie counting or other technical facilities. In a great way, our grandparents and parents follow our food classically the food system.

I was amazed by our Indian rituals and respect. I agree that lifestyle is different, and the human body's daily energy requirement is different, we can have our traditional foods with some modifications as per RDA(Recommended daily requirements).

In the end, again, as a nutritionist, I prefer the "In style nutrition with a pearl of ancient wisdom." Lastly, wishing you all "EID MUBARAK.

"Keep connecting with "Samskara" for new exciting traditional food facts. I appreciate your valuable comments.

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